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First of all, welcome to ArmA Wargames!
We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our community!

Who are we?

We are an international community that focuses
on providing well organised weekly PvP events.

Our Sunday missions are 3 hours long and begin at 6pm UK-Time.

Some Additional Info

Arma wargames will be using a persistent data base to store battle day progress
which means
each phase will continue where the last battle ended.
The idea came from the well known gameplay from the mission Wasteland.
We dont actually
play this game mode but we have slightly altered the island of altis to use as a
PvP senario for AW.

How to join

Sign-up and introduce yourself for our weekly events.

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* Chatter

Refresh History
  • Raft: Thanks, think I have sussed pws - I'm just old school and thought downloading mods and adding it to the target line of a shortcut was soo easy to do.
    Today at 12:20:18 pm
  • [AW]Monkman: This is the launcher I use..  [link]
    Today at 12:17:16 pm
  • [AW]Monkman: I don't use PWS...I use a ARMA launcher..put every mod in a @MOD folder and point the launcher to there and boom..Piece of cake.
    Today at 12:16:30 pm
  • Raft: I just detest pws - and get like a pws hate blindness that makes it unusable - ok I have a screen that says its your collection, what happens now.
    Today at 11:57:01 am
  • [AW]Hooves: copy that
    Today at 01:30:04 am
  • [AW]Hooves: pws://?c=Fk2Aqz7Iqkmnp12saUOt2w
    Today at 01:29:55 am
  • [AW]Hooves: this is the only other thign I can get from the "share" feature onPWS
    Today at 01:29:50 am
  • [AW]Hooves: What Kind of Problems?
    Today at 01:28:03 am
  • Raft: Thanks, I have problems with pws.
    Today at 12:03:33 am
  • [AW]Hooves: the only link i have us to my "collection".  ill look into the yml after work.
    Yesterday at 10:26:03 pm
  • Raft: Hooves: do you have the .yml link for the repository?
    Yesterday at 10:14:12 pm
  • [AW]Sneak: oh wait lol ignore last
    Yesterday at 06:28:08 pm
  • [AW]Sneak: Wheres the link for pw6 guys?
    Yesterday at 06:27:53 pm
  • [AW]Hooves: it contains RHSRUS, RHSUS, CBA, AIA lite, TACBF, JSRS2
    Yesterday at 05:26:48 am
  • [AW]Hooves: [link])
    Yesterday at 05:26:20 am
  • [AW]Hooves: I have made a collection that can be easily used VIA PWS..  just create an account with PWS and then click this link
    Yesterday at 05:26:14 am
  • [AW]Hooves: DONT get the escalation pack as ther eis a bug with the keys, that will soon be patched by RHS but not yet.
    Yesterday at 05:24:28 am
  • [AW]Hooves: Hey video get the RHS RUS pack and the RHS USforces pack.
    Yesterday at 05:24:02 am
  • [AW] What mod from RHS do we need for Sunday? I find multiple here: [link]
    December 17, 2014, 11:37:49 pm
  • [AW.R]Pvt.WhereIsBeef: Maybe we should mix up the teams, seeing as one always has more than the other...
    December 17, 2014, 11:37:48 pm

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